Staff rental and placement

We offer support in the recruitment of sustainable personnel.

Advantages and benefits of staff rental

  • You only pay for hours actually worked
  • We do all administrative tasks
  • You have very low administrative effort
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Fast personnel recruitment

Advantages and benefits of staff placement

  • We do the entire recruitment
  • Obtaining all references
  • Careful screening of applicants, pre-selection of the entire backlog of a vacancy

Procedure rental and placement of personnel

  • You give us your mandate by means of a job profile
  • We publish the job on our platforms free of charge
  • Qualified pre-selection according to individual criteria
  • You receive informative documents from suitable applicants
  • In case of suitability, we arrange a trial work or interview appointment


We contract your employees, bear the risk in case of work absences and do administrative work.

  • Reduction of your administration costs as well as administrative effort
  • Error-free payroll accounting as well as more flexible contract management
  • Efficient external support for your employees

Try & Hire

During the "try phase" the employee with an employment contract with "Steinerjobs" group is working in your company.

Procedure rental and placement

  • Possibility of getting to know each other on the job
  • Your risk of wrong occupation of the job is minimized
  • If the candidate is suitable, you hire him, without agency costs


Outsourcing of services previously performed in-house by your company to our accounting professionals. That includes payroll accounting or per example, the employment of an entire assembly team via our in-house professionals.


  • Cost savings
  • Efficiency improvements
  • Quality improvements
  • Shortened response times
  • Compensation of workload fluctuations

Know how of the consultants

Companies get the opportunity to be advised by competent recruiters and to outsource the entire recruitment process. We are doing a pre-selection based on your criteria and you receive suitable proposals.

Reduction of administrative work

Our service allows to fully utilize your capacities in other projects. Just provide us with a job profile, report your key points and hire the right employee.